Sentence Examples with the word 120

These parsissoks, elected at the rate of about one representative to 120 voters, wear a cap with a badge (a bear rampant), and aid the European members of the council in distributing the surplus profit apportioned to each district, and generally in advising as, to the welfare of that part of Greenland under their partial control.

HANNIBAL, a city of Marion county, Missouri, U.S.A., on the Mississippi river, about 120 m.

IOWA CITY, a city and the county-seat of Johnson county, Iowa, U.S.A., on Iowa river, about 120 m.

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CARSON CITY, the capital of Nevada, U.S.A., and the county seat of Ormsby county, about 120 m.

The present water supply, introduced in 1884, is brought from the commune of Trebaseleghe, where it is collected from 120 artesian wells.

At Adelaide there are on an average 120 rainy days per annum, with a mean rainfall of 20.88 in.

In diameter, also with hooked scales; the large nut-like seeds are eaten by the Indians; the tree is one of the largest of the section, sometimes attaining a height of 120 ft.

This fourth temple is, beyond question, that to which Croesus contributed, and it was, therefore, in process of building about 540 B.C. Our authorities seem to be referring to it when they tell us that the Artemision was raised by common contribution of the great cities of Asia, and took 120 years to complete.

There are over 120 separate chambers, the caverns extending nearly a mile in a straight line.

Of these southern rivers the chief are the Kraai, which joins the Orange near Aliwal North, the Stormberg and the Zeekoe (Sea Cow), the last named having a length of 120 m.