Sentence Examples with the word 12

In size the male African elephant often surpasses the Asiatic species, reaching nearly 12 ft.

I to 12 are the somites of the opisthosoma; 13, the post-anal spine.

Went to Italy in 1251, Otto remained as his representative in Germany, until his death on the 29th of November 12 53.

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It is a tapering, flame-shaped tree resembling the Lombardy poplar; its branches are thickly covered with small, imbricated, shining-green leaves; the male catkins are about 3 lines in length; the cones are between i and 12 in.

Five equilateral triangles covertically placed would stand on a pentagonal base, and it was found that, by forming several sets of such pyramids, a solid could be obtained which had zo triangular faces, which met in pairs to form 30 edges, and in fives to form 12 vertices.

On the Sunday following, Mary left Edinburgh for Seton Palace, 12 miles from the capital, where scandal asserted that she passed the time merrily in shooting-matches with Bothwell for her partner against Lords Seton and Huntly; other accounts represent Huntly and Bothwell as left at Holyrood in charge of the infant prince.

Harwich is under a mayor, 4 aldermen and 12 councillors.

The rodents are the most numerously represented order, which includes the coypu or nutria (Myopotamus coypus), the chinchilla (Chinchilla laniger), the tuco-tuco (Ctenomys brasiliensis), a rabbit, and 12 species of mice - in all some 12 genera and 25 species.

Fisher.-Size 30X12 in., tail 12 to 18 in.

At the head of 150 mounted riflemen, accompanied by Colonel Mackinnon, he dashed out of the fort, and, through a heavy fire of the enemy, rode to King William's Town - a distance of 12 m.