Sentence Examples with the word 1190

In 1190 tenants of Wisbech Barton acquired an exemption from tolls throughout England, confirmed by John, Henry IV.

The poem, according to Lachmann, was based on some twenty popular ballads, originally handed down orally, but written down about 1190 or 1200.

The thirty years which elapsed between Frederick Barbarossas death in 1190 and the coronation of his grandson Frederick II.

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The new king of England, Richard Coeur de Lion, claimed the guardianship of the young Arthur, but in 1190 Richard left for the Crusade.

According to this the original was an assonance poem of the 12th century, which was changed between 1190 and 1200 by two separate poets into two versions, in which pure rhymes were substituted for the earlier assonances: the originals of the Nibelungenlied and Der Nibelunge Not respectively.

It was founded about 1190 by John Comyn, archbishop of Dublin; but there was a church dedicated to the same saint before.

William immediately quarrelled with Hugh, and by April 1190 had managed to oust him completely from office.

Disputes between the Galician and Lodomerian houses led to the interference of the king of Hungary, Bela III., who in 1190 assumed the title of king, and appointed his son Andreas lieutenant of the kingdom.

From 1105 onward it became the summer residence of the bishops, who in 1190 bought the l'ogtei (advocateship) from the counts of Calw, and the place rapidly developed into a town.

It consists of a group of old-fashioned timber and plaster buildings, a tall belfry, and a diminutive church of white marble, founded in 1190 by King Stephen Nemanya, who himself turned monk and was canonized as St Simeon.