Sentence Examples with the word 115

It lies in a basin watered by the Nesenbach just above its confluence with the Neckar, 115 m.

Of Lexington), Harrodsburg, Crab Orchard in Lincoln county (about 115 m.

The state fair grounds of 115 acres adjoin the city, and there is also a beautiful cemetery of 220 acres.

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This is a square stone vessel of considerable size made to hold up to fifteen pipes (the pipe equals 115 gallons) of wine.

It is situated on Brassay Sound, a fine natural harbour, on the east coast of the island called Mainland, 115 m.

The population of these islands was 400 (principally convicts) on Chatham Island in 1901, about 115 on Albemarle and 3 on Charles Island in 1903.

The law courts, including the court of cassation, three courts of appeal, eight local courts, and 115 district courts, were put under Japanese judges, and the codification of the laws was undertaken.

WINSTON-SALEM, two contiguous cities of Forsyth county, North Carolina, U.S.A., about 115 m.

We get only an occasional glimpse of his activity, and the period between 115 and 155 is practically a blank.

MARIENBAD, a town of Bohemia, Austria, 115 m.