Sentence Examples with the word 110

The greatest breadth due east and west is 174 m., from Dundrum Bay to Annagh Head, county Mayo; and the average breadth is about 110 m.

The peninsula is almost at its narrowest (36 m.) at the frontier, but Jutland has an extreme breadth of 110 m.

Globes were still engraved on copper, or painted by hand, but since 1507, in which year Waldseemuller published a small globe of a diameter of 110 mm., covered with printed segments or gores, this cheap and expeditious method has come into general use.

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These are little mined at present, only 110 tons of lead ore and 516 tons of zinc ore being taken from the mines in 1908.

From any inhabited place and 110 yds.

In the Wurttemberg hinged arches a limit of stress of 110 tons per sq.

A furnace is served by three men, working in eight-hour shifts, and requires about 2 tons of coal, which corresponds to about 110 gallons reduced oil, air being used as atomizer.

It lies in a fiat, sandy plain, 110 ft.

BOCCHUS, king of Mauretania (about 110 B.C.), and father-inlaw of Jugurtha.

The facts of the problem would all appear covered by the hypothesis that John the presbyter, the eleven being all dead, wrote the book of Revelation (its more ancient Christian portions) say in 69, and died at Ephesus say in loo; that the author of the Gospel wrote the first draft, here, say in 97; that this book, expanded by him, first circulated within a select Ephesian Christian circle; and that the Ephesian church officials added to it the appendix and published it in 110 -120.