Sentence Examples with the word 11

The alkaloid is a strong base and is very readily oxidized; chromic acid converts it into normal butyric acid and ammonia; hydrogen peroxide gives aminopropylvalerylaldehyde, NH 2 CH(C 3 11 7) (CH2)3 CHO, whilst the benzoyl derivative is oxidized by potassium permanganate to benzoyl-a-aminovaleric acid, C 6 H 5 CO NH CH(C 3 H 7) (CH 2)3 COOH.

The Reason Of This Is, That The Intercalary Month, Inserted At The End Of The Cycle, Contains Only Twenty Nine Days Instead Of Thirty; Whence, After 11 Has Been Added To The Epact Of The Year Corresponding To The Golden Number 19, We Must Reject Twenty Nine Instead Of Thirty, In Order To Have The Epact Of The Succeeding Year; Or, Which Comes To The Same Thing, We Must Add Twelve To The Epact Of The Last Year Of The Cycle, And Then Reject Thirty As Before.

Border of the tribe of Benjamin, 11 m.

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Marcus Licinius Crassus (c. 11 5-53 B.C.), the Triumvir, surnamed Dives (rich) on account of his great wealth.

The 11 th century, with its political convulsions, resulting in the establishment of an alien rule and the partial suppression of the language of the conquered race, was unfavourable to literary efforts of any kind in the vernacular.

Leonardo gave as solution the numbers 11 i 4 4, 16, 9 4 - 7 4 and 6197 T, - the squares of 3,, 41'v and 2, 7; and the method of finding them is given in the Liber quadratorum.

As a naval station, Cartagena suffered severely in 1898 from the maritime disasters of the SpanishAmerican War; and its commerce was much affected when, at the beginning of the same year, Porman, or Portman, a mining village on a well-sheltered bay about 11 m.

Cuthbert, The Friars and how they came to England, pp. 11 -32 (1903); also F.

Of the lizards, 3 of the 6 species of Varanidae, 16 of the 30 Scincidae, 8 Geckonidae, and 8 out of the 11 Agamidae are peculiar.

In 1772 the king's marriage with Caroline Matilda, who had been seized and had confessed to criminal familiarity with Struensee, was dissolved, and the queen, retaining her title, passed her remaining days at Celle, where she died on the 11 th of May 1775.