Sentence Examples with the word 105

Protogenes embellished the city with his paintings, and Chares of Lindus with the celebrated colossal statue of the sun-god, which was 105 ft.

Apart, change direction eight times in 105 yds., while the distance from the sandy path to the ledge overhead is but 5 ft.

The Book of Jubilees was written in Hebrew by a Pharisee between the year of the accession of Hyrcanus to the high-priesthood in 135 and his breach with the Pharisees some years before his death in 105 B.C. Jubilees was translated into Greek and from Greek into Ethiopic and Latin.

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In 105 he was elected to the consulship, and restored the discipline of the army and introduced an improved system of drill.

As to the Gospel's date, critics have returned from 160-170 (Baur), i 50 (Zeller), 130 (Keim), to 110-115 (Renan) and 80-110 (Harnack): since Irenaeus says its author lived into the times of Trajan (90-117), a date somewhere about 105 would satisfy tradition.

At the age of 105 he begat Enos; he lived in all 912 years.

There are two collections of letters bearing the name of Ignatius, who was martyred between 105 and 117.

The name Angola (a Portuguese corruption of the Bantu word Ngola) is sometimes confined to the 105 m.

The Wieprz (180 m.), a right-hand tributary of the Vistula, is the chief artery of the Lublin government; it is navigable for small boats and rafts for 105 m.

The whole building, belonging probably to the early Empire, measured 135 by 105 yds., and the arena 872 by 58 yds.