Sentence Examples with the word 102

BROMLEY, a municipal borough in the Sevenoaks parliamentary division of Kent, England, 102 m.

In 102 B.C. the Teutoni and Ambrones were totally defeated at Aquae Sextiae by Marius, while the Cimbri succeeded in passing the Alps and driving Q.

It has a frontage on the river and bay 1 of 102 m., and a total area of 23.4 sq.

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Marius, out of unpromising materials and a demoralized soldiery, organized a well-disciplined army, with which he inflicted on the invaders two decisive defeats, the first in 102 at Aquae Sextiae (Aix), 1 8 m.

At the beginning of the period the aggregate area under wheat, barley and oats was nearly 102 million acres; at the close it did not amount to 8 million acres.

Perhaps the chief success of the society was seen in the establishment of creameries, which at the end of 1905 numbered 275-123 in Ulster, 102 in Munster, 20 in Leinster and 30 in Connaught.

Of the inhabited islands i 1 belong to Ross and Cromarty, 47 to Inverness-shire, and 44 to Argyllshire, but of this total of 102 islands, one-third have a population of only 10 souls, or fewer, each.

In 102 the Teutoni and Ambrones were totally defeated by Marius at Aquae Sextiae (see Marius, GAlus).

He served under Marius in 102 B.C. at the great battle of Aquae Sextiae (mod.

In a MS. of 102 quarto sheets, of which the first three and the seventh are wanting, there is preserved the original sketch of the Hegelian system, so far as the logic and metaphysics and part of the philosophy of nature are concerned.