Sentence Examples with the word 10

He was bending the rules by allowing his daughter to stay out later than 10 P.M.

Matins and Lauds (about 7.30 A.M.); Prime, Terce (High Mass), Sext, and None (about 10 A.M.); Vespers and Compline (4 P.M.); and from four to eight hours (depending on the amount of music and the number of high masses) are thus spent in choir.

These are valued respectively at 10 to 7 and 5 rupees per maund of 82, 2 7 lb.

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The battle was fought in a gale by 10 Venetian against II Genoese galleys.

The Thugs were a well-organized confederacy of professional assassins, who in gangs of whom 10 to 200 travelled in various guises through India, wormed themselves into the confidence of wayfarers of the wealthier class, and, when a favourable opportunity occurred, strangled them by throwing a handkerchief or noose round their necks, and then plundered and buried them.

These show how the frequency of visible auroras diminished as cloud increased from o (sky quite clear) to 10 (sky wholly overcast).

Fall, which covers all the rest of the state save Inyo, Kern and San Bernardino counties, Imperial county and the eastern portion of Riverside county; the precipitation of this belt is from o to 10 in.

A beautiful set of multiples of the scripulum was found near Lyons (38), from 1 to 10 x 17.28 grains, showing a libra of 4976.

Medina sandstones occur throughout a belt averaging about 10 m.

On March 10 Bulair was also bombarded from the Gulf of Saros.