Sentence Examples with the word 1 kings

Hittites were made tributary bondsmen by Solomon, 1 Kings ix.

Six miles below this the ruins of Kai' at Dibse mark the site of the ancient Thapsacus (Tiphsah of 1 Kings iv.

And Assur-nasir-pal crossed considerably farther north, and we have no reason to suppose that they were not simply following the practice of those early times; and we do not know when the custom of crossing at Thapsacus which the Hebrew text of the passage in 1 Kings may presuppose sprang up. Xenophon's army had to be content with fording the stream.

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MOLOCH, or Molech (in Hebrew, with the doubtful exception of 1 Kings xi.

And iii., in which the prophet 1 A confusion between the two prophets of the name has led to the insertion in the Massoretic text of 1 Kings xxii.

Of this we have an interesting example in the vivid episode that preceded the battle of Ramoth-Gilead described in 1 Kings xxii., when Micaiah appears as the true prophet of Yahweh, who in his rare independence stands in sharp contrast with the conventional court prophets, who prophesied then, as their descendants prophesied more than two centuries later, smooth things.