Sentence Examples with the word 1

Omitting this factor in 1 Frisch's Kepleri opera amnia, ii.

And almost all the printed editions) or Liber Creaturarum (c. 1 435).

After the failure of Contarini's attempt at reconciliation with the Protestants (1541) the papacy committed itself to the reaction advocated by Caraffa; the Inquisition and censorship were set up (1542, 1 543), and the extermination of heresy in Italy undertaken with vigour.

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The history of institutions like universities and academies, and that of great popular movements like the Reformation, are of course 1 Technical subjects like painting or English law have been excluded by Hallam, and history and theology only partially treated.

Having adopted the reformed doctrines in 1552 and 1 553, it fell into the hands of the French through treachery, and was heroically and successfully defended against Charles V.

The mud is 1 The word is descended from the Aryan name of the animal, cf.

Praagh, The 1 The government expended over f r,000,000 on a land and agriculture bank and in 1910 made a grant of f roo,000 towards the establishment of a college of agriculture at Pretoria.

CHARLES CAGNIARD DE LA TOUR (1777-1859), French engineer and physicist, was born in Paris on the 31st of March 1 777, and after attending the Ecole Polytechnique became one of the ingenieurs geographiques.

The Number Of Linearly Independent Seminvariants Of The Given Type Will Then Be Denoted By (W; 0, P; 0', Q) (W; 0, P; 0', Q); And Will Be Given By The Coefficient Of A E B E 'Z W In L Z 1 A.

Izerbacea and arctic species generally, to 1 oo ft., and occurring most abundantly in cold or temperate climates in both hemispheres, and generally in moist situations; a few species occur in the tropical and sub-tropical portions of the three great continents.