Sentence Examples with the word -y

That to which the metal, in which by suitable thermal treatment the iron molecules have been brought to the allotropic -y or 1 3 state or a mixture of both, can be heated without losing its hardness through the escape of that iron into the a state.

Ing He asked for the Neapolitan viceroyalty for life, which the king pre -y wrsely refused.

Now the value of K, -y being measured in dynes and M being the molecular weight of the substance as a gas, is in general 2.121; this value is never exceeded, but in many cases it is less.

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Huntingdon, Seckington, Edington; -ey, -ea, -y (O.E.

All the errors, except that depending on a, and especially those depending on -y and S, can be diminished, without loss of resolving power, by contracting the vertical aperture.

Further, any ferrite liberated at Ar 3 changes there from -y to a, and any present at Ar 2 changes from (3 to a.

A spiral spring, coiled round the cylinder y, resting one end on the shoulder formed by the difference of the diameters of the cylinders (3 and -y and the other on the inside of the web-frame, presses the latter continuously towards y.

One such star, however, with a right ascension nearly equal to that of -y Draconis, but in the opposite sense, was selected and kept under observation.