Sentence Examples with the word à part

RUFUS KING (1755-1827), American political leader, was born on the 2 4 th of March 1755 at Scarborough, Maine, then a part of Massachusetts.

The botanic gardens are among the finest in the world; they originally formed a part of the park attached to the palace of the governor-general, and were established in 1817.

Carriage duties in carts and on horseback were also apportioned according to the time they took as a part of the week-work.

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As a result of the Polish rebellion of 1830, in which the peasantry, whether Lithuanian, Polish or White Russian, did not take so great a part as the upper classes, the university of Vilna was abolished in 1832, its faculties being transferred in bulk to Kiev and in part to Kharkov and St.

Framingham Academy was established in 1792, and in 1851 became a part of the public school system.

Hildebrand set up Gerard, bishop of Florence, as a rival candidate, won over a part of the Romans to his cause, and secured the support of the empress regent Agnes at the Diet of Augsburg in June.

As a diplomatist and state official Pontano played a part of some importance in the affairs of southern Italy and in the Barons' War, the wars with Rome, and the expulsion and restoration of the Aragonese dynasty.

In December 1768 the company divided a part of the valley into five townships of 5 sq.

Near the city is a communistic religious community, the Israelite House of David, founded in 1903; the members believe that they are a part of the 144,000 elect (Revelation, viii, xiv) ultimately to be redeemed.

Under his administration the library was enriched with numerous gifts, legacies and acquisitions, notably by the purchase of a part of the Ashburnham MSS.