Sentence Examples with the word à la fin

La Russie a la fin du xix e siecle, under the editorship of W.

In this capacity he made a sensation by his L'Etat de la France a la fin de l'an VIII (1800), which he had been commissioned by Bonaparte to draw up, as a manifesto to foreign nations, after the coup d'Nat of the 18th Brumaire.

The first of these was Ober den Unsprung andCharakterdesKrieges gegen die franzosische Revolution (1801), by many regarded as Gentz's masterpiece; another important brochure, Von dem politischen Zustande von Europa vor and nach der Revolution, a criticism of Hauterive's De l'etat de la France a la fin de l'an VIII, appeared the same year.

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Franck, La Philosophie mystique en France a la fin du dix-huitieme .siecle (1866); A.