Sentence Examples with the word a

Which possess fully developed male organs consisting of sporangia with spores (pollen-grains), surrounding a conical central receptacle bearing numerous small and probably functionless or immature ovules (fig.

Nearly the whole of the debt, it should be stated, was held in England or France, and at the instance of French financiers the stoppage of payment was followed by a scheme to unify the debt.

Where Gabriel was always clean-shaven, Darkyn's strong jaw was shaded by a day or two of growth, lending danger to his appearance.

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Being a bad conductor of heat it is used for the packing and jackets of boilers and steam-pipes.

All these stones were of course imported, as the Babylonian had no stone (except a rough coral rag) at hand as the Egyptian had.

If the saturated vapour behaves as a perfect gas, the change of intrinsic energy E depends only on the temperature limits, and is equal to s (8-00), where s is the specific heat at constant volume.

In general, a compound has properties markedly different from those of the elements of which it is composed.

It is no disparagement to point out that the recognition he obtained was due not only to his published work, but also to his success as a teacher.

The room was dark, the floor-to-ceiling windows displaying the incredible views of the Eiffel Tower, whose frame was outlined by lights against the dark Parisian sky She was about to step onto the balcony when a knock at the door drew her attention.

The intention evidently is to bestow authority upon the fiction by connecting it with a story already known.