Sentence Examples with the word 'em

I fucked 'em both, Darkyn.

I won't smoke dirty pipes like Stubb, but I like cigars, and here's nine hundred and sixty of them; so here goes Flask aloft to spy 'em out.

If they succeeded, they'd stick your guy... or girl, in a box in McLean and pump 'em dry.

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Nope. There's lots of 'em left.

At first I couldn't find 'em but when I did, I yelled at Caleb until he calmed down enough so we could get out.

He never eats dumplings, he don't--he eats nothing but steaks, and he likes 'em rare.

Then you can talk to 'em but I imagine if it was a gift to the museum, they'll be obligated to hold on to the original.

I might make 'em a copy, but the original stays in Ouray.

Then he stole his credit card, insurance papers and god knows what else and used 'em to get patched up in Cleveland.

But be easy, be easy, this here harpooneer I have been tellin' you of has just arrived from the south seas, where he bought up a lot of 'balmed New Zealand heads (great curios, you know), and he's sold all on 'em but one, and that one he's trying to sell to-night, cause to-morrow's Sunday, and it would not do to be sellin' human heads about the streets when folks is goin' to churches.