meaning of androgynous

androgynous meaning in General Dictionary

Uniting both sexes in one single or having the traits of both being in nature both male and feminine hermaphroditic

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  • relating to or displaying both female and male intercourse organs however with a predominantly feminine appearance
  • having both male and female qualities
  • Alt. of Androgynal

androgynous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from Latin androgynus, from Greek androgynos "hermaphrodite, male and female within one; womanish man;" as an adjective (of baths) "typical to both women and men," from andros, genitive of aner "male" (see anthropo-) + gyne "woman" (see queen).

androgynous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Androgynal

Sentence Examples with the word androgynous

The Hybristica, again, was most probably a religious festival connected with the worship of some androgynous divinity.

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