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songs that is written, done, or just around Beta Males.1. The sort of tracks with words that describe a male personal outcast just who in the long run of song may or may well not win the favorite hottie he secretly crushes on.2. Songs that describe beta male's in-your-face rebellion towards social stereotyping or alpha men and women.3. Songs that profess a beta male's key want to a lady of higher personal standing or, a lady he likes but understands he cannot have; most often, his long-time woman bestfriend.4. Songs that profess beta male's endless love for his girlfriend or mom or grandmom or their contacts or their dad - whatever works.5. tracks that explain a beta male as their girl's "neck to cry on"6. songs that explain a beta male's frustration over his relationship with a girl that's full of by herself and does not appreciate beta male's success.