APPROPRIATION OF LAND meaning in Law Dictionary

The work of picking, devoting, or setting apart land for a particular usage or purpose, as in which land is appropriated for community structures, military bookings, or other general public utilizes. McSorley. v. Hill. 2 Wash. St. 638. 27 Pac. 552; Murdock v. Memphis. 7 Cool. (Tenn.) 500; Jackson v. Wilcox, 2 111. 300. Sometimes also applied to the taking of private home for public used in the workout associated with the power of eminent domain. Railway Co. v. Foltz (C. C.) 52 Fed. 629; Nice v. Rechel. 159 U. S. 380. 16 Sup. Ct. 43. 40 L. Ed. 188.