meaning of ALIEN ENEMY

ALIEN ENEMY meaning in Law Dictionary

In intercontinental legislation. An alien who is the niche or resident of some dangerous state or energy. See Dyer, 2b : Co. Litt. 1296. An individual who, by explanation of owing a permanent or short-term allegiance to a hostile power, becomes, in time of war, impressed using the personality of an enemy, and. as a result, is disabled from suing within the process of law of I lie unfavorable belligerent. See 1 Kent. Comm. 74; 2 Id. 63; Bell v. Chapman, 10 Johns. (N. Y.) 183: Dorsev v. Brislmm. 177 111. 250. 52 X. E. 303. 42 L. R. A. SH9. 09 Am. St. Rep. 228.