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an unsatisfied give-indoesn't imply 'you're stupid' The Emoticon " : " may be used in numerous other ways. As a whole, but indicates anyone is confused about some thing, and often hurt, concerned, or doubtful. A number of the methods it can be used tend to be:1. When after a concern, can be used as a confused, worried prompt.2. Whenever following an odd statement, can indicate confusion, and a prompt for a reason. Occasionally used with "?".3. Whenever following certain statements, can mean anyone is hurt, and wondering in the event that individual is really serious, or experimenting. Typically preceded by a "?" prompt.4. Can indicate "Sigh, that's not beneficial... would you become more particular?"5. Can indicate "Ouch... the thing that was that for?"6. Can be used only to express the individual feels injured and perplexed.7. Can help express that individual is somewhat doubtful.It's often used in texting, e-mails and IMs. As with any Emoticons, it won't be located occasionally, where in actuality the form of writing is just too formal (i.e. blog sites, manuals, eBooks, etc.), it won't be located, and may never be made use of. 1)text expression for confusion or reaction to an akward comment2)text logo for a gastro intestinal breakdown indicating the soiling of people pants an internet emoticon generally regularly show confusion. Smiley accustomed communicate confusion, shame, etc. 1. Emoticon indicating speechless or an emoticon indicating a poker face.2. The annoying-ass face you notice on screen of a Youtube video clip when it has-been removed. Usually is said in a convo whenever...- You have got no idea just what the fuck the other person has said- The other person is being an overall total asshole- whenever asking a question