What does supine mean?

supine meaning in General Dictionary

lying face up

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  • passive as a consequence of indolence or indifference
  • Lying regarding straight back or using face upward opposed to prone
  • A verbal noun or based on CFBecker an instance regarding the infinitive mood closing in um and u that in um being occasionally called the former supine and therefore in u the second supine
  • Lying on back, or with all the face upward; -- opposed to susceptible.
  • tilting backwards, or inclining with contact with the sun's rays; sloping; inclined.
  • Negligent; heedless; indolent; listless.
  • A verbal noun; or (according to C.F.Becker), an incident regarding the infinitive state of mind ending in -um and -u, that in -um being sometimes known as the previous supine, and therefore in -u the latter supine.

supine meaning in Medical Dictionary

aided by the back or dorsal surface downward. Somebody who is supine is lying face up. As opposed to prone.

supine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, "lying on straight back," from Latin supinus "bent backwards, thrown backwards, lying regarding the back," figuratively "inactive, indolent," from PIE *(s)up- (see sub-). The grammatical usage for "Latin spoken noun formed from previous participle stem" (mid-15c.) is from belated Latin supinum verbum "supine verb," perhaps so-called because, however furnished with a noun situation closing, it "falls back" on the verb. Associated: Supinely.

supine meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Facing up; prostrate

Sentence Examples with the word supine

In spite of repeated efforts on the part of the Ghibellines, in spite of King Roberts supine incapacity, the imperialists gained no permanent advantage.

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