What does jowl mean?

jowl meaning in General Dictionary

To put dash or hit

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  • The cheek the jaw
  • a fullness and looseness associated with flesh of lower cheek and jaw (characteristic of aging)
  • the jaw in vertebrates that's hinged to open the mouth
  • The cheek; the jaw.
  • To put, dash, or knock.

jowl meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"jaw," 1570s, alteration of Middle English chawl (belated 14c.), chavel (early 14c.), from Old English ceafl, from Proto-Germanic *kefalaz (cognates: Middle High German kiver, German kiefer, Old Norse kjoptr "jaw," Danish k

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  • "fold of skin underneath the jaw," 1590s, alteration of Middle English cholle "fold of flesh dangling through the jaw" (c.1300), perhaps from Old English ceole "neck," from PIE root *gwele- (3) "to take" (see glut (v.)). This word and jowl (n.1) affected one another in type and feeling.

jowl meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a) Term utilized for a pig’s cheek b) Term employed for the animal meat extracted from the cheek of a pig

jowl meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The cheek; the jaw.

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  • (v. t.) To toss, dash, or knock.

Sentence Examples with the word jowl

The head and legs are very short, and the body short, thick and wide; the jowl is heavy, the ears pricked, and the thin skin laden with long silky, wavy, but not curly, hair, whilst the tail is very fine.

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