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A white person whos heart is asian ^_^ Aiite.... if you`re visiting this.. than you know about -Team 3- ... I'm not part of -Team 3- .. that honor visits T3-humiliaZn ... T3-SensaZn and T3-AmAzn. I'm just a ~Guest Star~. There may be only one -Team 3- but there are lots of visitor performers. One day, ideally, i might enroll in Team 3... but until that time, i am going to shoot for success, and become the best I can. That way, whenever day does come i shall know that i earned it. One last thing about me and -Team 3- ... you already know that i'm just a -Guest Star- ... but besides that.. I'm not truly aZn. I am just caucasian... white... a wannabe which means that no matter how difficult i take to, I am able to never be as great as the other -Team 3- users, But i accept this, and deap straight down inside I understand that I shall never be higher than a -Guest Star- ... but it cant harm to try.