What does aftermath mean?

aftermath meaning in General Dictionary

an additional going the lawn which develops after the very first crop of hay in identical season rowen

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  • the effects of a meeting (especially a catastrophic occasion)
  • the outcome of a conference specifically as relative to an individual
  • A second moving; the lawn which expands following the first crop of hay in identical period; rowen.

aftermath meaning in Law Dictionary

2nd crop of lawn mown in identical period ; also the ability to take such second crop. See 1 Chit. Gen. Pr. 181.

aftermath meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, initially another crop of grass-grown after the first have been gathered, from after + -math, a dialectal term, from Old English m

aftermath meaning in Business Dictionary

The end result of cumulatively side effects of adverse and often catastrophic events or circumstances. For example, the aftermath of a company's bankruptcy can leave thousands of people unemployed.

aftermath meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An extra going; the grass which develops following the very first crop of hay in the same period; rowen.

Sentence Examples with the word aftermath

And when he hath mowen his medowe, then he hath his medowe grounde, soo that if he hath any weyke catell that wold be amended, or dyvers maner of catell, he may put them in any close he wyll, the which is a great advantage; and if all shulde lye commen, than wolde the edyche of the come feldes and the aftermath of all the medowes be eaten in X.

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