What does Ihr mean?

Ihr - German to English

the girl [indirect item]

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  • its [English neuter determiner used whenever German uses female gender of possessor]
  • their [determiner]
  • y'all [coll., esp. South Am.]
  • yinz [coll., Pittsburgh dialect: 2nd person plural pronoun]
  • yis [coll.] [Irish]
  • you dudes [Am.] [coll.]
  • you lot [Br.] [coll.]
  • youns [Am.] [sl.] [chiefly Appalachia, but additionally often utilized in other rural places]
  • your [determiner] [formal single and plural]
  • youse [coll.] [regional]
  • yous [nonstandard]
  • you {pl} [informal]
  • ya [coll.] [you]
  • you-all [Am.] [coll.]
  • hers
  • theirs
  • you [formal, sg + pl]

Sentence Examples with the word Ihr

See Beyschlag, Geschichte der Stadt Nordlingen (Ndrdlingen, 1851), and Mayer, Die Stadt Nordlingen, ihr Leben and ihre Kunst im Lichte der Vorzeit (Ndrdlingen, 1856).

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